Alex Powers has been a self-employed painter and teacher for 28 years. He exhibits in galleries in five states and among his many national juried exhibition awards is the Gold Medal in the 1997 American Watercolor Society Exhibition. He travels and teaches workshops in this country and abroad. He is the author of Painting People in Watercolor, A Design Approach, published by Watson-Guptill, now in paperback.

Powers’ painting style has evolved into personal, content-dominated imagery. Using gouache, charcoal, pastel and sometimes collage on illustration board, his loose realism combines an emphasis on drawing with an awareness of the art of our time. Often the illustration boards are connected for work up to 15 feet in length. “I attempt to deal with issues such as human origins, religion, philosophy, racism, economic, inequality, etc. These overwhelming issues are difficult to deal with, but they are what interest me. And, since I believe in the singularity of life and art, these issues are the content of my current work.”

Artist's Statement

"My reasons for painting relate to content more than form. The content that interests me concerns ideas as well as emotions. Ideas questioning our life choices; an acquaintance with philosophers and writers; my selected preference from past and current thinkers.

The form of the image is ever-present. I prefer graphic, surface variation with large empty spaces, muted colors and people subjects, especially faces."



AP A Man Without Love (14x27)
AP And Now for Something Entirely Different (30x40)
AP Artist and His Models (30x40)
AP Baseball Batter (28x20)
AP Believe and be Free (30x40)
AP Classical Woman (30x40)
AP Classically No Arms (19x16)
AP Faces, Faces, Faces (30x40)
AP Family (32x42)
AP Family Yes No (30x40)
AP Feelings (30x40)
AP Female Identity (30x40)
AP Fornicating Leg (30x40)
AP Human Nature (13x14)
AP I Know Nothing About My Life (30x40)
AP It Ain't Like Nothing At All (30x40)
AP Lefty (15x40)
AP Love (15x28)
AP Pitch Location (30x40)
AP Right Side Up and Upside Down (30x40)
AP Serious (30x40)
AP Sketchbook with Red Head (30x40)
AP Someone to Talk To (30x40)
AP Transitional Girl (23x15)
AP Tennessee Williams (95x45)
AP Tristan + Isolde (30x40)
AP Woman Observed (30x40)