Award-winning artist and popular art instructor, Anne Hightower-Patterson, uses art as an outlet to explore the unique places and people of Columbia. Hightower-Patterson paints in a photo-realist manner, but her choice of images and unconventional vantage points allow these paintings to depart from any clichéd expectation.

Raised in Mt. Pleasant, SC, Anne began painting when she was twelve years old under the instruction of the famous South Carolina watercolorist, Virginia Fouche Bolton. After six years of study with Bolton, she attended the University of South Carolina where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art. The elements that seem to influence Hightower-Patterson’s work more that any other are the play of light and color across the surface of the subject matter.

Close study of classic painters has brought much influence to the work of Anne Hightower-Patterson. The figures of Degas and the watercolors of Wyeth were early inspirations in her paintings. Even today, images of these painters guide her choices of subject matter. Currently, her study of the brilliance in color and design utilized by Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent has inspired her watercolors. The most contemporary paintings that have moved her are the works of Stephen Scott Young and Carolyn Brady. Their use of light and color make powerful statements that are personal and moving.

Artist's Statement

“My work is influenced greatly by my life experiences, my life long home in South Carolina, and the people who have passed through my life."



AHP Plum Peachy with Blackberies