Columbia, S.C. – Works by Tarleton Blackwell will be on display January 12 through February 20 at the City Arts Gallery in Columbia, SC. A native South Carolinian, Blackwell subject matter is the Southern Narrative of his formative years with layers of sophisticated commentary that comes with the richness of experience.

According to Blackwell, “Most folks say that an artist’s best work is done in their 70’s and 80’s. “Since Blackwell is still on the fifty side of sixty,” responded Gallery Director Wendyth Wells, “He is only on the approach to his mature master work.” She continued, “When speaking with Blackwell most folks find him excited and invigorated by his perception of yet another level of achievement in his work, His use of color is bolder and bush strokes more deliberative and meaningful to the many layers of composition.” Blackwell says he is still learning about himself and the unlimited possibilities of expression that bring an ever-higher level of awareness. When questioned about his work he often answers, “Well there is always something going on and more to know. The challenge is to provoke a verbal response to the viewer’s unmet capacity to grasp the full meaning of the narrative.”

The public is invited to meet Tarleton Blackwell at a reception at City Art January 21, 2010 between 5 and 8 p.m. Concludes Wells, “With accolades from around the world including the White House, the reception affords South Carolinians the opportunity to meet one of the states most distinguished artists and native sons. Blackwell’s mild, unpresuming manner belies the passionate conversations that one enters into with his paintings.”