Blake Morgan was born in Beaumont, Texas. After having lived in Houma, Louisiana for a while, Blake moved to Blanchard, Oklahoma, where he attended high school. He was an undergraduate at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma where he studied painting, drawing and printmaking.

“The climate has an effect on my palette, the air is humid and hazy, but the mood of the landscape also has a strong effect on the colors I work with. The color also develops from working in neutrals in the beginning of the painting in order to have the most control over the saturation in the final product,” comments Morgan about his work.

“My paintings develop from life and memory. The experience is the primary subject and the landscape is the outlet for this body of work. I like to paint uninterrupted and I like to drive. The majority of the paintings in this show were made in a lawn chair on the side of the road somewhere in rural South Carolina. I stop to paint when something gets my attention like the rhythm of a hedgerow, blurred forms of moving objects, or the pace a particular landscape suggests. I have many influences that vary greatly, from Greek pottery and sculpture to Mark Rothko. I am interested in the varieties of experience given form through painting.”

Morgan hopes to make a living painting. He also enjoys teaching painting both at USC and at City Art.



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