Making art to me is like breathing. It is necessary. It is what makes me feel - and be - alive. I paint/create what inspires me. I do not know where the inspiration comes from, but I must - must - follow it.

I am in love with the creative process. It is like a romance that is all consuming. I go to sleep thinking about it and wake with the desire to do nothing but get back to it. When I meet this possessive "lover" again, I never know where it will take me. I begin working and find that it begins to have its own voice. It is much like the novelist who says that at some point the characters take over and he/she just becomes a bystander.

I have been involved in this romance since I was three years old and was required to take a nap every day. I negotiated by getting permission to draw instead of having to go to sleep. As long as I was quiet, it was satisfactory enough. I never stopped. Whether it is three dimensional, a painting or a montage, it has been such enrichment to my life and I am so thankful that I have this passion. I hope my works convey this in the "viewer participation" experience.



CC Angel with Gold Wings (39x25)
CC Ferdinand (37x37)
CC Princess (49.5x25)
CC The Gold One (44x36)