Eva Carter

“Rhythm, Balance, and Space”

May 21 - August 1, 2015

“Rhythm, Balance, and Space” celebrates Eva Carter’s 50 years of creating iconic images on canvas. The exhibition will open at City Art with a reception May 21st from 5-8pm and will remain in the main gallery through August 1, 2015.

Carter says her work is intuitive. She begins with a single brushstroke, then another. Those two strokes begin a conversation and she simply listens.

Within Eva’s contemporary fine art lie echoes of three distinctive phases of her life, the emotional dialects of the places she has lived and that have shaped her—Appalachia, the desert southwest, and the Deep South steeped in history. Every brushstroke is considered, and when she gets to the point where she feels like she can’t add anything to make a painting better, the conversation on canvas is complete. What remains—Movement in Red, Canyon, Intangible—is sophisticated and touches people down to their bones.

Her large abstract works in oil have been described as paintings drenched in color and brimming with movement and emotion. She blends delicate tones and saturated hues, from verdant mountain greens, to aqua blues, lavenders, arroyo beiges, aspen golds, and chili reds. Her works have graced numerous gallery space exhibitions as well as museums across the Southeast. Ms. Carter has had solo exhibitions throughout the United States and her work is cherished by collectors around the globe.