Surreal, yet honest, Ed Shmunes creates digital photography that amusingly and beautifully exposes life around him. The botanical images have bypassed the camera in that the actual objects have been scanned in a layered fashion along with chosen materials. The resultant images have been manipulated as necessary to achieve the end result. Shmunes has been photographing for eighteen years. During this period his work has received 101 awards from international, national, and regional shows. Shmunes' work is in collections at the Columbia Museum of Art, Southwest Texas State University Art Gallery and the South Carolina State Art Collection. His work also is included in numerous private and corporate collections.

Artist's Statement

“I see my work as a visual ongoing commentary on the world that’s whizzing by me. This environment with its juxtaposed absurdities leaves intrusive imprints on my persona and its outpourings. I use humor to cover up the madness and the inevitable anger as I try to make some sense of it as reflected in my work.”