Artist's Statement

In the past few years, I have had the good fortune to paint quite frequently and find it very rewarding. My overall motivation is achieved due to the fact that I have found what I truly love to do in life. Although most of my previous paintings were realistic, I created the design of the paintings using the abstract shapes of the objects as a guide for the composition; therefore, my current abstract paintings are created in a similar way by using shapes to define the composition and color to enrich the overall design. My current paintings on canvas embrace my love of color and color relationships and are inspired by nature. My intent when creating abstract paintings is to use texture, shape, and color to move the eye energetically throughout the composition.

My most recent abstract paintings are the “Earthscape” series and suggest layers of earth using very warm toned earth hues. Cool blue accents reflect the essence of water, in order to give contrast to the warm palette. My new series of contemporary realistic works on canvas offer a more bright and playful palette. The bright colors are offset with compositions designed to reflect a more meditative feeling, such as the “Wren” series. I would like for each of my paintings to connect with the viewer and convey some of the energy and/or other emotions, which were used to design and create each painting. As I paint, my main interest is to convey the emotional message of my ideas by using the paint to create the composition, color, and color relationships to embrace these thoughts.