Gerard Erley, an Illinois native currently living in South Carolina, has had over two dozen solo exhibits throughout the United States. His award-winning artwork has been exhibited in over 200 juried shows, winning over 60 awards. The artist’s work has hung in museums and galleries from New York to California, and can be found in museum, corporate and private collections both in the United States and abroad. Gerard creates his imaginary landscapes in oil paint on canvas and panels. He rarely refers to photos or sketches, preferring to paint in the studio from memory and intuition. The artist is influenced by such 19th-century American and European painters as George Inness, Corot, and Turner. Like them, he seeks a sublime quality of light in his romantic landscapes.

Artist Statement

“Although my paintings present the landscape, I do not paint nature in an attempt to duplicate what the eye sees. Rather, I explore landscape imagery for its expressive potential, its unique emotional language.

I seek to discover the poetry in a solitary tree or a passing cloud and to communicate that poetry in paint.”