Artist's Statement

I paint because I cannot imagine my life without painting. I’m a figure painter because I’m intrigued by the shape and form of human creatures. Although they often appear amorphous, the figures are always women. The figures in my paintings represent people I know or people I make up because I’d like to know them. For years, I painted from life, but now I prefer to be in the studio alone, no model, no company. I invent these women, some with vulnerable personalities some with the strength to transport them to another world; but they all tell a story, sometimes in a language I don’t even understand. For years I painted imagery which was easy, safe, and almost came off my brush like honey oozing from the hive. Now, I’m making what I believe is a more courageous mark, full of renewed commitment. I’m failing as often as I meet with success, but those failures become the under painting or history for a new work. I simply want to paint, leave my mark.