City Art will be offering free arts related presentations lasting an hour or less on Saturdays at HIGH NOON in the main gallery. 

August 24th – Dylan Critchfield-Sales – Limited Palette and Color Temperature in Landscape and Figure Painting

Join Dylan Critchfield-Sales for a talk about his experience working with world-renowned painter Odd Nerdrum and his philosophy of limited color.

Passed down from master painters such as Rembrandt, Titian, Velazquez and Corot, the idea of pushing the range within a very limited palette is a time-honored tradition that demands a sensitivity and openness that are invaluable in any form of art. Critchfield-Sales will explain his experience using the basic palette of Yellow Ochre, Chinese Vermilion and Mars Black as a starting point from which to expand. He will also demonstrate his own technique of color mixing and his painting process with his personal materials. Using his own works as a visual aid, he will discuss notions of color temperature and the temperature of a particular type of light in contrast with the idea of local color.