Artist’s Statement

“I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia on June 15, 1966. I finished my studies in fine arts (print making department) in the class of Professor Emir Draguli, and in the same year, was admitted to the masters degree program. In 1993, I finished the masters degree program, and then was admitted as an internship at the Fine Arts Academy. I became an assistant professor in 1999.

During my life I traveled all around Western Europe, but visiting Holland affected my work very strongly. I am influenced by a lot of things. Past, saved in museums, paintings of Vermeer, Rembrandt with his etchings, Van Gogh, landscapes of Van Ostade, and still alive motives of William Klez Hede. In combination with unusual light of presence, he assured me that searching the world for reality is on of my most important tasks that I should stay devoted to. Even from my childhood I feel very strong especially in the light of confrontation with dark sequences. The ever-changing light that falls on or through different objects gives the object interplay with reality. It was, and still is my great wish to make observers of my work to feel the same feeling I have during printing, drawing of painting. My idea is to make a kind of “trigger”, using techniques and magic of classical painting, printmaking and drawing. I believe in mastership and excellence. Idea and mastership are of equal importance for me. My prints are old-fashioned etchings, aquatint and sometimes mezzotint parts, on 100% cotton, 300 grams solid Hahnemuhle (German paper for printmaking). Paintings are on solid very old wood with oil colors. They are hand framed with inserted little sculptures, relief’s, gems, and cameos of different kinds of stones (little sculptures are also made by me). Drawings are on high quality paper, painted with watercolor, tempera, and acrylics. They are my best-sold items and often-in private collections. As of this time I only have one, but hope to make some more soon.”