Mainly a self-taught artist, Kathy created her style of painting after many workshops and much study of the great painting techniques. Her paintings depict a single idea rather than an entire story, and are often inspired from events in her life.

 Artist's Statement

 My nonobjective paintings evoke the spirit of a natural evolution that results from the passage of time.  Each is about flux  - the ever-changing nature of life. There is no literary narrative in the work.  Instead, each piece serves as a metaphor for life:  birth and death, creation and decay, growth and transformation.
 Each arrangement is as much about destruction as construction. Surface quality and texture are often inspired by the corrosion and dissipation I see in old buildings … cracked stucco, worn wood, and the patina of rusting iron.

 My painting process begins with a loosely conceived plan which I slowly abandon as each piece then takes on its own life.  Mark, line, and gesture are worked into a textured surface, and partially concealed with heavy paint, layers of glazes, and scumbled colors. Paint is pushed in and scoured away.  I search for beauty in the seemingly imperfect, unearthing and embracing subtle details that beckon the viewer to linger and look more closely.
 My current work is done in mixed media including:  acrylics, charcoal, crayon and /or collage on hand-textured canvas or paper."