Kathy Rorie has had a natural love for art since early childhood. Her paintings range from representational to completely abstract. She enjoys experimenting with all media but works mainly in acrylic. Her paintings and handmade paper under glass are instantly recognizable because of her unique style. Her large abstract paintings are distinctively hers, but set a mood reminiscent of the abstract expressionism of the post war modern art period of the 1950’s.

Kathy studied art and art history at CPCC in Charlotte and took paintings and drawing classes while working at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She studied painting with artist Shirley Landgraf and design and painting with Sally Miller of Charlotte, North Carolina. She has taken numerous workshops including those of Katherine Chang Liu of Los Angeles, California and Robert Wade of Sydney Australia.

Kathy was a teaching artist for the Blumenthal Performing Art Center’s Education Department in Charlotte, North Carolina for twelve years where she received Kennedy Center Training. She has been the instructor for adult and children’s drawing and painting workshops at the McColl Center in Charlotte. She taught watercolor painting classes for Anson Stanly Community College. She has conducted workshops and painting classes for all ages including a series of painting classes for an Alzheimer’s Unit and painting classes for the blind. She has also performed demonstrations for various art groups and organizations.

Kathy has received over 50 awards and grants including North Carolina’s Arts and Science Council’s Regional Emerging Artist Award and Art Prospect International Top 100 Artists in La Jolla, California. She is a charter member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Her solitary shows include WSOC-TV in Charlotte; the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and the Union County Community Arts Council in Monroe, North Carolina. She also had a show of handmade paper works under glass at the Marion County Museum of Art in Marion, South Carolina.

Kathy’s work is currently in the private collection of individuals residing from Charleston, South Carolina to Los Angeles, California. It is also in the collection of individuals living in France.

Her work can be seen at her studio in Monroe, North Carolina; City Art in Columbia South Carolina and Wilde Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. It can also be seen in the book Colours in Verse, a book of poetry by Paula Crabill.

Artist Statement:

I begin my paintings with no predetermined direction. After building a surface a mood or atmosphere usually develops that I want to explore. These images seem to reflect memories from my childhood; books that I have read or places that I have visited throughout my life. Each painting is different, one having nothing to do with the next but coming from the same place.
I have loved art as long as I can remember and it has always been a major part of my life. I would be pleased to ignite an interest in art in anyone. -Kathy Rorie