Palmetto Parkridge a Richland Palmetto Health facility on Lake Murray Blvd. was done by City Art Gallery in 2003. A committee from the Health Organization worked with us to choose paintings and photography to be placed on the three completed floors of the building. There are two fiber glass paintings by Preston Orr in the first floor elevator lobby. On the end wall of the ground floor lobby is a watercolor painting by Betty Bramlett. On two opposing walls of the hallway are two tranquil watercolors by May Reisz.  In the elevator lobby on the second floor an Anya Belkina canvas painting was chosen.
In the hallways of the first and second floors there are many wonderful pieces of photography by Dr. Fred McElveen and Dr. Ed Shmunes. Coincidentally, they are both Dermatologists who have practiced in Columbia for years and been represented by City Art Gallery since its inception in 1997.
The presence of original artwork in a commercial setting open to the public offers a view into the heart and mind of the Organization. Certainly the commitment to excellence is visible in their choices.