Penny is a native of Columbia and has her degree in Criminal Justice from USC. She is a self-taught jeweler working primarily with sterling silver and natural stones. Penny also works as a part-time professional photographer, and her main interest is capturing weddings.

“A few years ago I was photographing a wedding near Christmas and the bride had several small tabletop Christmas trees decorated with beaded ornaments that she had made. These were the little gifts that she offered to each guest. I took one and after looking over the very pretty ornament I realized I probably could do the same thing, so I made a couple of ornaments for gifts as well. Then I started thinking I could make a pair of earrings. Originally I would only make them as a special gift for someone who seemed to need a little boost. Then people started asking me to make special pieces for them and now I just let my imagination go and grow. When one of my photography teachers constantly questioned why I always took pictures of rocks I replied, there is a story in there and I’m just trying to capture it. I feel the same emotions with the metal and stones.”