PP 09

COLUMBIA, SC --- Opening the first evening of Artista Vista, April 23, is City Art’s exhibit Perceptual Painters: The Collective. The show will feature oil painters Dave Campbell, Matt Klos, John Lee, Aaron Lubrick, Scott Noel, Brian Rego, and Andrew Patterson-Tutschka. The artists are connected through their affiliation with the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts as well as their use of light and subject. Curated by Rego, the show promises to be a throwback to the plein air styles of the old masters, and harkens a resemblance to the techniques currently exhibited in the Turner to Cezanne exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art. However, even with all of the shared ideas this work will not make you feel like you’ve returned to your college art history class. The artists bring the 21st century into their work through subject and style. With their cool je ne sais quoi and laid back yet serious attitude they represent a new generation of artists, learned from those who came before, and prepared to innovate painting for those to come. The exhibit will continue through June 27, 2009.