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Hope this note finds you well in Columbia.

Wanted to send you a few photos of where Jim Arendt's "The Culvert" ended up.

Technically the culvert itself is tucked partially obscured behind the cushions of a sofa, but we can still see it when on the sofa and looking back and down. The rest of the work is prominently, gloriously displayed as the only piece of art in a new creek-side addition in Josh's and my 2nd home in the redwood-forested Mountains of Eastern Sonoma County, very near the Napa border. Think of it as the "high elevation wine country."

Friend, family, visitors... everyone loves the painting and we have to laugh when we tell them that we got it a year before we even found the house -- and then we had to build a room around it! The photos don't do Jim's canvas justice, but just wanted you and him to know where it ended up.  The original cabin was a 1930's structure -- little more than a glorified campsite. We were only able to do the addition by cantilevering it à la steal beams and the like. The foundation footprint could not be allowed to have any more impact on the creek-side riparian habitat than the original rotten wood deck that was on the back of the home when we purchased it in 2007.

Anyway, we love it. The colors in the canvas are in perfect harmony with the creek, forest, wood and other materials and features of the room.

Warm regards and thanks again from California,