Mary Robinson

Acclimations and Alterations

Opening October 11, 2012

City Art Gallery is excited to present a new body of work by artist Mary Robinson titled, “Acclimations and Alterations”. A reception will be held for the artist on October 11, 2012 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. This exhibition will be open thru November 10, 2012.


Artist’s Statement

In my work, I explore the experience of being human as part of a larger web of existence. The imagery in my drawings, prints and paintings is directly influenced by frequent walks in the Congaree National Park and similar environments, where I am particularly attracted to tangled vines and draping Spanish moss, along with sturdy and tenuous tree trunks and branches.

These various branching forms serve as a metaphor for the flow of energy and matter in the larger mesh of life. What we each do on a daily basis affects other life forms. In some of the drawings the flow of branching forms is disrupted, perhaps providing a parallel to environmental degradation or to our technological distractions from the natural world. The artwork I create is not intended to be overtly didactic but rather it represents my ongoing reflections on the phenomena of interconnection.