Skilled at the melding of contemporary styles, Rod Wimer blends sensitive tonality with vivid color to compose paintings that define visual aesthetics. His creations stir subtle emotions that take residence in the unconscious. Collectors of this artist’s work often comment on his range and versatility. His subject matter includes abstracts, landscapes, contemporary figurative, wildlife and botanicals. His media of choice dance from watercolor and oil/acrylic, to colored pencil, pen & ink and oil pastel. His abstract works are a combination of these media added to the infusion of collage. Born in 1960 and adopted by missionary parents, Rod’s first eighteen years were spent in Africa. During those years, his family made several trips to Europe, and time spent on both continents further developed his passion for color form and texture. 1978 brought Rod to Charlotte, NC to advance his art education. There he worked with nationally recognized artist and educator Sally Miller, who stressed all aspects of basic design with a strong emphasis on abstraction of subject matter. Rod moved to Hawaii in 1981 where he worked with noted artists Daniel Yee, Kaiome Higa and Greg Howell, while attending ongoing education classes in Honolulu. He joined the Oahu Artists Guild in 1985 and became known for his botanical watercolors. 1988 brought Rod back to Charlotte where he now lives and continues to work as a professional multi-media artist. His work is in private and corporate collections across the continental US, as well as Hawaii, Canada, France, The Netherlands, and Great Britain. Corporate clients and interior designers currently seek his abstract paintings.

Artists Statement

"The main focus of my work is abstracted collage/acrylic on canvas. I love the process of creating textures with hand made paper, leaves, fabric, sand, and found objects. I employ the use of color schemes, both strong and neutral, depending on the emotion I desire to convey in the final work. I often employ more neutralized color schemes in an effort to force myself to work on composition. My watercolor abstracts are infused with colored pencil, graphite, and oil pastel. I continue to enjoy experimenting with new ways to add texture to this medium. I use knives and razor blades to “scrape” the paper or canvas, which creates textures I can’t get from anything else. I often use them to create “stitches” running through the work which, for me, symbolize the act of healing. The desire to create powerful compositions is my continuing goal. I enjoy the journey more than the finished work, because act of learning resides in the process. I find inspiration in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote……" “If eyes were meant for seeing, than beauty is it’s own excuse for being.”