Russell Jeffcoat’s subject matter ranges from classical portraits that remind one of a contemporary Mona Lisa, to luminous nudes that honor the beauty and perfection of the female form.

His art is renowned, appearing on museum walls and galleries across the U.S. He has numerous works in the permanent collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans.

Jeffcoat has photographed celebrities and models, book covers, and dvd covers. His works have been featured worldwide, including Der Spiegel, Time, Glamour, and Playboy.

He has been in the winner’s circle in several international exhibitions, including first place in the international Photo District News Faces competition, a winner in the International Nude in the Landscape Exhibition in Carmel, California, and was featured in the Photographic Nude International in Astoria, Oregon. His work is featured in the upcoming spring issue of Blur magazine, which highlights some of the finest contemporary black and white art photography.

He teaches both photography and the creative process.

The richness of his work reflects his expert use of vintage cameras and film, an art form lost to many today. Each work shows his painstaking attention to detail.

Jurors of the Royal Photographic Society of London. Fratelli Alinari of Florence, FoMu Fotomuseum (Antwerp) and the Stockholm City Museum write that Jeffcoat is “amoung the finest photographers in the world.” (2015)