K. Wayne Thornley

“Exploring the Horizon”

November 20, 2014 - January 1, 2015

K. Wayne Thornley’s solo exhibition “Exploring the Horizon” opens November 20, 2014 at City Art Gallery for Vista Lights. The opening reception at City Art will be held during the fall celebration from 5-9pm. The artist will be in attendance.

Thornley comments, “During the last three years, the interpretation of the Southern landscape has been a focus of my work. The paintings in this exhibition represent the current state of an ongoing process to merge techniques of my non-objective work – layering of paint, scratching, scumbling, incising – with the structure of land forms. This merger results in paintings that run the gamut from those with an impressionistic quality to others that are entirely abstract. The common element in all is the presence of a horizon line.

For me, the horizon is more than a line signaling the place where earth and sky meet. It serves as a point of perspective, a recognizable delineation that provides equilibrium for both the painting and the viewer. Whether high in a composition or barely clinging to the edge of the picture plane, the horizon line tells us where we are and defines the scope of information we are invited to participate in – from a panoramic view of an open field to a small dense thicket. Even in the most abstract works, the horizon provides a connecting point not just between land and sky but between the world around us and our place in it.”

K. Wayne Thornley is an artist working in painting and mixed media. His work has been exhibited throughout the Southeast and purchased for several private and corporate collections including Greenwood Genetic Center, Wachovia Bank (Wells Fargo), and Parisian (Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.)

He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where he studied art, marketing and design.

His paintings are available through City Art Gallery, Columbia, SC, Art & Light Gallery, Greenville, SC, and through the Gallery Shop at Sumter Gallery of Art, Sumter, SC.