Tutorial and demonstration videos of your favorite new artist supplies available in the art supply store at City Art.

Not quite a brush. Not quite a palette knife. Catalyst tools are crafted from flexible silicone to give artists a new means for expression.

Catalyst Wedges are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand, allowing for more direct interaction with your work. Catalyst Blades are mounted on artist brush handles for a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Designed for use with heavy body paints, Catalyst Wedges and Blades are at home with oils, acrylics, and water-mixable oils. Because they are heat-resistant, they excel with encaustics. Artists are using them with plaster, clay, and even frosting. Made of FDA-approved silicone, Catalyst Blades and Wedges are great for food crafting.

Cleanup is a breeze with Catalyst Wedges and Blades — in most cases it can be done with mild soap and water. The solvent-resistant silicone is easy to wipe clean, and dried paint can be peeled off the surface. Catalyst blades can even be separated from their wood handles for cleaning and easily replaced when dry. 

Try Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints when you want to add a "prism" of color to your handcrafted creations. Available in a variety of brilliant colors, they can be used to mimic stone, marble, or precious metal on jewelry and other decorative art pieces.

Fantasy Prisme Paints can be applied with a brush or dropper — or poured directly from the bottle. Ideal for use on metal, porcelain, terra cotta, china, ceramic, canvas, glass, wood, and more, they also can be mixed with other Fantasy Prisme paints, overlaid to create contrasting effects, or applied over fresh Vitrail transparent or opaque colors or Fantasy Moon colors. Fantasy Prisme Paints dry completely within 10 hours to a shiny, hard finish with an enameled look.

Try Pebeo Fantasy Moon Paints when you want to add a little "touch of fantasy" to your handcrafted creations. Available in a variety of mixable, brilliant colors, including pearlescent and metallic shades, they can be used to create an opaque, marbled effect on almost any surface, including glass, wood, Plexiglas, canvas, ceramics, metal, and more.

Fantasy Moon Paints can be used alone, over Pebeo Vitrail transparent or opaque colors, or with Fantasy Prisme Paints. They can be mixed, brushed, dripped, or combined to create beautiful effects. When applied with a Fantasy Plastic Dropper, they create a hammered, textured appearance with a pearlized, smooth finish. Fantasy Moon Paints are great for jewelry making, home décor pieces, or objects of art. They dry within 10 hours to a glossy, hard finish.

Pebeo's Vitrail is a solvent based, transparent paint for creating brilliant stained glass effects on all carefully degreased transparent bases. It also creates magnificient illuminations on metal. Vitrail colors are dense and very transparent. They dry to a uniform surface and good hardness. Finished pieces are resistant to gentle washing with water or window cleaner.

Making handmade Artist Stretched canvas is a painstaking and exacting process. The steps to finished product include assembly the wood frames, priming the raw canvas with 4 coats of gesso, cutting and stretching the canvas and packaging. Our factory is in a suburb of Saigon, Viet Nam.