Artist and Owner of City Art, Wendyth creates abstract landscapes in watercolor. From her cool acrylic pool series to the more recent “MMM ‘scapes” in watercolor, Wells paints intuitively and expressively with bold, bright colors. Wells, a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has studied under Erica Hoyt and Robert Mills in Columbia and with Richard Buckheim in Michigan.

Wells graduated from North Park College in Chicago, Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. Wells has worked for the Dutch Door Corporation for the past 34 years. She now is the president of City Art.



WW Caucus (17x20)
WW Fog of War (17x21)
WW Its a Copper Stock Market (16x20)
WW Live Feed (21x25)
WW Moon Landing (16x20)
WW Red Wall of Trade (18x24)
WW Societal Series, Faded Glory (24x20)
WW Societal, Peel Away (16x20)
WW Purple Droplets