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Watercolor Calligraphy Workshop with Barbie Mathis

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017

 12pm - 2pm

Spend a fun 2 hours learning to use a paintbrush to create a popular style of "Modern Calligraphy". Projects include making a greeting card, addressing an envelope, and writing a short quote. No prior painting or calligraphy experience is necessary. Supply list is at the bottom of this page.

The class fee is $30.00...Sign Me Up


Iridescent Bronze (Fine) Saturday Workshop with Lee A. Monts

Saturday Nov 18th, 2017

 11am - 3pm

Learn how to create spontaneous metallic bronze paintings using acrylics. The metallic paint we will be using is Golden Products’ Iridescent Bronze (Fine) Fluid acrylic paint.  When combined with water and/or isopropyl alcohol, phthalo green separates from the paint.  Working on a flat surface, learn to use this separation of color, in combination with other colors, to create loose landscapes or abstract compositions.  Two methods will be presented.

A dry method will  taught where a wood board is entirely toned with the bronze.  Additional fluid colors will be applied to the wood board once dry.  This method typically does not create the separation of phthalo green unless additional bronze paint is used when creating the actual surface composition.  Once applied, other fluid colors will be manipulated on the surface with the hope of obtaining what Lee calls “controlled randomness”.  Subtractive methods work well with this technique by allowing the bronze under the other colors to show.

A wet on wet technique will also be taught.  As with the dry method, we will start with a previously toned bronzed wood board.  A liberal layer of fluid bronze will be applied to the board and then water and/or alcohol will be introduced to the fresh layer of bronze.  This is the time the phthalo green will start to separate and create patterns.  Additional colors are then applied to create spontaneous interactions.  With experience, you will learn how to “babysit” the design until it sets up to a no longer flowing and morphing state.

All levels are welcome, but some experience will be helpful.

Class will include: Two pre-toned bronze wood surfaces no larger than 5” x 7”. Sufficient Iridescent Bronze paint for the workshop.  A certain number of spray bottles of water and alcohol will be available during the workshop, but feel free to bring your  own to facilitate the process.  Additionally, some other utensils will be available (plastic spoons, skewer sticks, paper towels, etc.).

Supplies you will need and that are not included in the workshop cost:

- 0.5” or 1” flat brush suitable for acrylic.  Smaller brushes of different sizes will also be helpful.

- A rubber tip implement if desired for subtractive techniques.

- A small palette knife or painting knife of desired shape.

Suggested colors: City Art will offer a kit of 1 oz colors below for $60.00 includes tax. 

Titan Buff (fluid or high flow), Van Dyke  Brown (fluid) or Sepia (high flow),Sap Green (fluid or high flow),Teal (fluid or high flow), Pyrrole Orange or Pyrrole Red (fluid or high flow), Phthalo Blue Green Shade (fluid or high flow), Black (fluid or high flow). Indigo (high flow). Dioxazine Purple (high flow)

The class fee is $95...Sign Me Up 

Painting in Oil with Esther Melton  

Thursday 10am - 12:30pm  Nov 9 - Dec 21 (skipping Nov 23)

6 weeks

Learn the working methods of establishing a strong design for your paintings. Proper brushwork and understanding the direction of light and reflected light will be covered. Practice mixing the “grays” found in nature, in addition to mixing the bright and subtle colors needed to establish an exciting color palette. Emphasis will be on individual attention and personal instruction.

All levels welcome.

The session fee is $175.00...Sign Me Up

Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor class with Esther Melton

Tuesday mornings 10:00 am 12:30 pm

6 weeks Nov 7 - Dec 12

Learn the basics of transparent watercolor in this 6 week class format. Painting techniques, composition, and color choices will be explored.This class will cover topics from materials, paint color choices and mixing, to effective ways to keep your paint application and color fresh, composition, and many other tips to enhance your painting skills. 

The session fee is $175.00...Sign Me Up 

Beginning/Intermediate Oil Landscape Painting with  Steven Whetstone

Wednesday Nights beginning Sept 20

 6 weeks

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

After Steven's informative and impressive HIGH NOON demonstration, we had requests for Steven to teach a landscape class.  This is a relaxing class that will tackle painting landscapes from photographs. Learn how to put light, values, and color in your landscape paintings.

The session fee is $175.00...Sign Me Up

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