Claire Farrell

“A is for Art”

February 1 - March 30, 2019

City Art is pleased to announce a new exhibition entitled “A is for Art” featuring artist Claire Farrell in the main gallery beginning February 1st and will remain on display through March 30, 2019.

“A is for Art is a collection of 26 mixed media monotypes, one for each letter in the alphabet. A monotype is a unique image, created by drawing or painting on a blank etching plate and transferring the image to paper using an etching press. There is no fixed repeatable image when using this technique. In addition to the monotype process, I employ a variety of other printmaking techniques in this series. These may include the use of solar plate etchings, collaged images or papers, chine collè, stencils and templates, and directly drawing on the print. The result is a unique image that I call a mixed media monotype.

My interest in making monotypes grows out of my background in printmaking. I studied the more traditional forms of printmaking while in graduate school at the University of South Carolina. Later a fellow artist introduced me to the monotype process, and I found it much more interesting than the repetitive process of printing an edition of a single image. Over the years, my visual vocabulary has expanded to include the wide variety of techniques mentioned above. A is for Art is a series of linked monotypes, visual images of various art forms.” -Claire