Jen Spaker

“Landscapes across the South”

January 7 - March 21, 2020

City Art is pleased to announce our newest exhibition from artist Jen Spaker entitled “Landscapes Across the South”. An opening reception will be held Thursday January 23, 5 – 7 pm. The exhibition will remain on display in the main gallery through March 21, 2020.

“For 2020, I decided to try something new - creating large landscape paintings. Many of these paintings were adapted from smaller plein air or “on location” sketches and paintings. Others are of scenes I photographed while taking evening walks or on long drives. While I’ve painted large paintings before, I’ve never done an entire show of paintings of this scale. 

A lot of these paintings are based on scenes from The Low Country of South Carolina or the Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC area. The “October River” is the Catawba River in Rock Hill. The “Golden Spice” and “Field Day” paintings are from the wooded trails around Fort Mill. I like to paint my surroundings and since I recently moved from Fort Mill to the Charleston area, I’ve had lots of new exposure to Low Country scenery. “Evening Pond” is a scene from the ponds around my temporary apartment in Mount Pleasant, SC prior to moving into my permanent home in the same town. Other South Carolina scenes are represented in “Old Marion Road” from the Florence area and in “Gervais Street Bridge” from here in Columbia. 

Sometimes I like to take a break from landscapes. The barn paintings come from scenes in Virginia and West Virginia photographed during drives to Pittsburgh, PA to visit my extended family. The Converse sneakers may seem a bit out of place with all the landscapes but come from a fun personal story that I’d be happy to tell you. 

I paint a lot of still life as well, but that’s for another show. I paint in both oil and acrylic which creates a different effect. I love the colors and softness of oil paint, but also love the fast-drying acrylics because I can paint quickly, and the cleanup is so easy. I’m often more attracted to the shapes, shadows and design of a scene rather than the actual subject matter. I enjoy painting directly from life and feel strongly that it makes me a better painter. I drag my easel outside in all types of weather and just paint, paint, paint.” -Jen Spaker

About Me

 I’ve always been a painter and am largely self-taught. I have degrees in nursing and psychology and for a while tried to forget about painting to focus on a more “practical” career but kept coming back to it. I’ve worked part-time and raised three daughters with my husband, Dave. I’ve always made time for art and now have a lot more time to invest in painting. I’ve taken many workshops with top artists and travel to the Plein Air South convention in Apalachicola, FL every year. I find inspiration working alongside other artists, enjoy experimenting with different styles and the process of bringing ideas to life on canvas. Feel free to visit my website to learn more about my work: